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Reflexology in London from Judit Thom

Many people use reflexology as a way of relaxing the mind and body and counteracting stress, at the same time many doctors, consultants and other health care professionals recognise reflexology as a well established, respected and effective therapy. Reflexology has a definite pain reducing effect. This maybe explained by the ability of this massage to help release endorphins which act as the body’s natural pain relieving agents.

Read more details of how Reflexology can help you and what to expect at a session.


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Your Specialist - Judit Thom


I have been a therapist since 2008 and have had the privilege of working with so many people from all walks of life (women, men, children and the elderly) since then.

I have supported many women who had problems conceiving and then continued to support them during their pregnancy, labour and recovery time. I have worked with babies with colic and other issues and helped parents to bond with their new born through reflexology.

I have experience working with many people during times of illness and extreme stress, helping them to cope better, manage their stress and encourage recovery and relaxation. Read more


Indian Head Massage

Helps relieve stress, tension, headaches, and increases circulation to the head & scalp, which increases concentration and improves the condition & growth of the hair.


Maternity Reflexology

Pregnancy is a time when the mother needs to be nurtured and cherished and this is one of the aims of Maternity Reflexology.