Prices and Offers

  • Ultimate Pampering for Groups of Mothers

    Ultimate Pampering for Groups

    Get 3 or 4 friends together in your home and you, the host, get a session free! Ideal for many occasions. Perfect for a group of mums who can share the childcare. Have an alternative time with friends, each having a 30 minute Reflexology session.

    • 1 30 Minute Reflexology Session: £35 each person.

    Please note that you are saving about 20% by buying these packages therefore they must used within a certain period of time. At the time of booking I will explain in detail.

    Call 07810 302142 or email to Book Now
    • Reflexology Services

      Reflexology Services

      Here is my current pricing for a la carte Reflexology services (effective November 1, 2016)

      • ½ hr session: £45.00
      • 45min session: £55.00
      • 1hr session: £65.00
      • 90min session: £100.00
    • Indian Head Massage

      Inidian Head Massage Prices

      Pamper yourself with a relaxing Indian Head Massage.

      • ½ hr session: £40.00
    • Combination Treatment Packages

      Combination Packages

      Get the best of both treatments in one of my combination packages. Price is for 1 combination session.

      • ½ hr indian head massage + ½ hr reflexology: £70.00
      • ½ hr indian head massage + 45 min reflexology: £80.00
      • ½ hr indian head massage + 1 hr reflexology: £90.00
      • Hospital visits for labour £170.00
      • Reflexology for parents (3x 40-60min) sessions £150
    Call 07810 302142 or email to Book Now
    • Labour Reflexology

      Hospital Visits for Labour

      Reflexology encourages oxcitocyn production. I offer treatments in hospital during labour. Please contact me for more details.

      • Single Hospital visit for Labour: £170.00
    • Reflexology For Optimum Pregnancy

      Reflexology For Optimum Pregnancy

      I can offer you emotional support all the way through your pregnancy from the start until the end. I can help you to prepare for your baby’s arrival. I can give you practical advice and physical exercises which could make a huge difference to your experience and enjoyment of pregnancy. Or it just can be a de-stressing hour after busy and often hard and tiring days. This package also contains 1x 1 hour Reflexology session in your own home ( if you wish) after the birth to allow your body to heal faster, help you with breast milk production, and give you a deep sense of relaxation after the hard work of labour.

      • This package includes 6 x 1hr sessions of reflexology (one of which is a home visit after birth).: £370.00
    • The Natural Induction Of Labour

      The Natural Induction Of Labour

      Often just one session of Reflexology is not enough to get things moving, it might need a few more. I apply a special technique after 38weeks of pregnancy to naturally encourage the production of oxytocin, the hormone that your body needs in abundance, to go into labour. Reflexology is also known to naturally reduce the hormone adrenaline, to help calm you down. I will support you focus on the positive side of birth, give you physical exercises to help your baby to get into the correct birthing position, and show you a few Reflexology points on your hand which you can apply anywhere and at any time.

      • This package includes 4 x 1hr reflexology sessions.: £240.00
    Call 07810 302142 or email to Book Now
    • Reflexology For Parents

      Reflexology For Parents (Baby Reflex)

      This is such a wonderful and simple tool you can learn and apply for your new born baby. It is so rewarding to see your little one enjoying it so much. I offer this treatment in your own home where you feel safe and secure with your precious new born. I can work around you as I understand the different dynamics of your new child. The package consists of 3 sessions which are easy and fun to learn from. I can give you all the learning materials so you don’t have to remember everything and we will go through key points during each session.
      You will need to allow about 20 - 40 minutes to learn each time.

      • 3 x 40-60 Min Sessions: £150.00
    • The Time Saver

      The Time Saver

      This session is for people who are interested in self-care but have very limited time. It contains 6 x 30min Reflexology treatments. It gives you a deep relaxation.

      • This package includes 6 x 30min Reflexology treatments: £240.00

    Please note that you are saving about 20% by buying these packages therefore they must used within a certain period of time. At the time of booking I will explain in detail.

    Call 07810 302142 or email to Book Now

Let Me Pamper and Destress You!

I am available for home visits in Wimbledon, Kingston, New Malden, Clapham, Putney and surrounding areas. I am also available for bookings for Offices, Corporate Events, Group Events, Pampering Parties and more in every part of London.

Call 07810 302142 or email to Book Now

I also offer sessions at:
Roko Health Club
Hartington Road,
Greater London
W4 3UH
Roko Health Spa is open to ALL (not just club members).
The spa is a beautiful, tranquil environment for perfect relaxation and also has a FREE car park for customers.

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Client Testimonials

  • Client Testimonial
    “I first visited Judit for treatment when a virus affected my hearing balance and muscular aches and pains troubled my sleep. Being a reflexologist myself, I know just how much she has helped me to recover when the hospital specialist had nothing to offer in the way of treatment. Judit is friendly, kind professional and efficient. I highly recommend her.”

    Anita Taraland //

  • Client Testimonial
    “I’ve recently moved into the area, and things have sometimes been stressful. These sessions have helped identify problem areas and have brought a sense of balance back into my everyday routine. I always look forward to my reflexology treatments with Judit, as they are an oasis of calm and peacefulness. I would readily recommend Judit to anyone who would like to try reflexology.”

    Kim //

  • Client Testimonial
    “I was delighted with the service Judit was able to provide our employees on the run up to Christmas we wanted to give them a nice treat as a thank you for all their hard work, Judith was very flexible with her time and provided a really lovely environment to our employees on site. Our employees really enjoyed the treatments and were asking for more in 2015.”

    Michelle // QVC

  • Client Testimonial
    “I contacted Judit when my son was 4 weeks old and was sleeping for only very short periods and was generally unsettled. Judit came to my home for all the sessions which was wonderful and she introduced me to the basics of reflexology that I could use on my son. Judit has a very calm, relaxing style and instantly put me at ease in the sessions. She has wonderful positive energy and my son responded very well to Judit and reflexology. He became a lot calmer and slept for longer after each Judit visit. I now feel confident to give him reflexology every day, he thinks it is part of the nappy changing process! I can’t recommend Judit enough, my only regret is not meeting her and introducing the benefits of reflexology to my son earlier.”

    Una //

  • Client Testimonial
    “I have been visiting Judit at the Bedford Park Pharmacy for several years now and consistently find her reflexology treatment the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. I can honestly say she kept me sane through two pregnancies. I’d waddle in feeling exhausted and float out re-energised. She even offered a home visit soon after birth which provided a very welcome tonic in the early days with a new born. She’s a consummate professional… warm, friendly and always greets you with a huge smile. I look forward to every treatment and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

    Nicola // Chiswick

  • Client Testimonial
    “I find my reflexology treatments with Judit to be very relaxing and a great source of stress relief. The tension just drifts away and I literally feel like all the stress has been released from my feet. I find the treatment truly therapeutic. I would highly recommend Judit because she is the best.”

    Marijana C //

  • Client Testimonial
    “Judit, I truly enjoyed your reflexology session. Through your expertise I am pain free. Your approach was very professional and I was impressed with your knowledge. I had the best night sleep I have had in a while, after your session (nearly 12hrs AMAZING!). Keep up the good work, thank you.”

    Edna //

  • Client Testimonial
    “I just had the most wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable reflexology session with Judit Thom. I don’t usually enjoy my feet being worked on but Judit has found that perfect balance between being gentle and firm and doing the session in a way that is utterly soothing! She has clearly mastered her skill and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her; despite her humble approach she brings a lot of experience and a deep awareness of healing which means that with Judit you get a lot more than just reflexology – you get Judit!”

    Benie Naude //

  • Client Testimonial
    “I have been living with chronic, severe anxiety for more than a decade and, although I manage that traditionally with medicine, I have always searched for something that will provide me with additional support. For a long time I’ve booked full body massages in spas on a fairly regular basis in an attempt to experience real relaxation. They are wonderful, of course, but nothing compared to reflexology with Judit. The first time I went I couldn’t picture how it would work, but I was stunned to find myself experiencing true, deep relaxation for the first time ever. I have been going weekly ever since, and I have the same wonderful experience each time. Without question – I could not be without it now. I’m still not sure how it works but who cares when it is so good! This isn’t just for stress either, it’s helped me with sore joints, headaches, period pain and even hangovers! Stressed or not, I’d tell anyone to go for this rather than an expensive spa-based massage. I don’t really want to find myself suddenly fighting for appointments but it wouldn’t be right not to let everyone know how amazing Judit is.”

    Philippa // Chiswick

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